Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks for the little things

An old movie, a glass of red wine, and a stomach full of Thanksgiving leftovers. Is there a better way to finish out Thanksgiving break? With the exception of my almost losing it at the oblivious Wash U kids who blocked my Metrolink exit this afternoon, it has been a very, very relaxing and long overdue weekend.

Normally I pull an Ebeneezer this time of year and detest premature Christmas music. For some reason this year, I am absolutely thrilled about the icicle lights and stockings that greeted me when I got back to the VSC house. Maybe it was the cookie-making and house decorating I took part in at Aunt Judy's. Maybe it's my mini vacation and the promise of Christmas break in three weeks. Whatever the reason, I say bring on the holly and light-up snowmen and umpteen different celebrity arrangements of "O Holy Night."

I can't wait to drive through the light display at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. I better go hit up the Dollar Store for gifts for my Secret Santa roomate. Best of all, I play handbells in the Cathedral Christmas concert in a week. We're mostly a supplement to the choral arrangements and opera solos, but I do get to scurry up to the balcony for an echo part. It's very lucky that I am part of the show, because it's been sold out since September and I couldn't afford a ticket anyway. Dr. Romeri has some really stupendous choral arrangements set up, with swirling harmonies and crescendos that send goosebumps not just up your spine, but also down your arms and legs and through your spleen. I can't wait to hear our chiming and ringing blend with the organ blasts and saoring voices of "I Saw Three Ships."

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