Friday, March 27, 2009

Another manic Friday

Here's some welcome news:A Study in England concludes that doodling helps you pay attention
I should show this to the Nicest Boss in the World to justify the epic drawings I've been making in meetings lately. Somehow the Yellow Brick Road became a fire breathing dragon, and then I moved on portraits of a jelly-bean jar. We've had many of these meetings with the head honchos lately, eagerly trying to get our hands on some of those bazillion stimulus dollars about to flood the economy. Of course, everyone and their non-profit brother is going to be trying the same thing. All I can say for sure is that federal grant applications are long, intimidating, and confusing. My brain would explode if it weren't for doodles.

Having a creative outlet, like this blog, really does keep me sane, especially on crazy days like today. I like to gripe about the days when the office is a flurry of activity and anxiety, but I really do love it too. It really makes me feel useful. This week has been a circus of phone calls and epic printing jobs as we prepare for the big annual auction on Sunday. To top things off Nicest Boss in the World and I sent out a local grant app today. This one wasn't long, but it was tedious. Normally I enjoy playing detective for data, but not when it is in categories we don't follow closely.

Oh yeah, and I just learned there are 4 (!!) potential future social work interns visiting this afternoon. If they want to see a non-profit in full action, this is it.

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