Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's already been a stressful day at work, so I am going to distract myself with some links of interesting stuff.
First, Barbie turned 50 this week. I owned a few growing up, including my aunts' 1970's Skipper and a Wedding Day Midge who frequently lost her head after a neck injury. Here are some fun commemorative pieces about an iconic plastic pop-culture.
The Onion's Best-selling Barbies
Memories of a Muslim Barbie
The sad saga of Ken

If toy-time doesn't de-stress you, how about some comfort food?
Here's some interesting criticism of the recent "organic and local" mantra.
I agree that such food is pricey and impractical for many Americans. Just frozen veggies or an apple a day would be a big improvement to many NFNF clients' diets. Whether your food is nutritious is a bigger deal than where you got it.

In light of that, I'm excited to see that First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting fresh, healthy food that's also realistic for families. I especially like that she'll eat both organic carrots and Five Guys burgers, a D.C.-area institution. That cream-less creamed spinach sounds delish, too.

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