Friday, August 28, 2009

Random little things

So I just remembered something else I miss about the STL: the neighborhood Schnuck's on a Sunday. If you go in the afternoon, people are coming by after church to get a newspaper. I love how the older African-American men are all dressed to the nines in their pinstripe suits and fedoras. Nobody dresses like that in NOVA, the land of the soccer mom.

There are some things I missed about the "DC Metro Area" too, though. There, everyone is from somewhere else, so you don't have to rely on high school connections to find a social network. It's also a big ethnic melting pot. I love how the women in saris always take their evening walks around the neighborhood. Nobody dresses like that in St. Louis, the land of the 4th generation Midwesterner.

Brother #3's elementary school open house looked like the UN this week. His classmates are Indian, Asian, African-American, and of course Irish/Italian/Polish "European mutts" as I call us. I'm glad he has to interact with people who are a little different from him.

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qandlequeen said...

Last night was Notes For Newborns and Melinda totally rocked it. You have to find a copy of her "I'm Not From Here". It was a riot and written for those of us not native born to St. Louis. You would probably enjoy "Barbie Camper" too.

Thinking of you! Great Blog!