Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thinking of the Loop

The other night I was at a grad student gathering and met a conservator from Missouri. It was amazing to talk with another person who knows all the St. Louis landmarks too! She went to UMSL for undergrad and even lived on The Loop for a while. We swapped stories about all the wacky characters you see on Delmar and about catching the Metrolink at Skinker and Forest Park.

Oh boy, I do miss that part of town. A few weekends back Other Sarah and I wanted to go out to eat, maybe take in some local flavor. Even with GPS and an iPhone, we ended up driving in circles, finding only office buildings and hotels. If only there was a Loop, or South Grand, or Central West End around here! We could dress up cute and then stroll the sidewalks for something to eat, and maybe some vintage clothes while we're at it.


mezagr said...

We're enjoying that part of town! In general, I'm finding St. L a lot more fun than I expected, living in a city. And, while I can't shop at most places on the Loop, it sure is fun to gawk. Any recommendations for a Friday/Saturday night?

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, I don't think I actually bought anything there either. I'm so glad you're having fun exploring!

Blueberry Hill is worth visiting since it's a landmark, but the service is never very good. We usually ate at Racanelli's, Cicero's, Thai Country Cafe, or any of the chain places. Fitz's is pretty good too - they have ENORMOUS root beer floats. 609 is a fun place to go for drinks.

South Grand also has a great selection of ethnic restaurants. The Tin Can on Morganford is also a good south side option.

Emma said...

So "college" get together I've been to has got ANYTHING on any of the good times we had in the Lou.... :(

Guilty of Gossip said...

gosh i miss the loop