Friday, February 13, 2009

Pop-top champagne and other fine dining adventures.

Everyone else was on a date or out of town tonight, so Jessica and I teamed up in search of dinner out. We finally chose Sasha's on Shaw, a cozy new wine bar in the neighborhood where her Covenant House kids clean streets. (They apparently call it "bar in the 'hood")

I loved the decor - green armchairs around granite-topped tables, blond wood floors, and light bulbs dangling inside old wine bottles. Our waiter was cute but distracted, though, and the portions were far too small. Trout salad with pine nuts, lemon zest, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil sounds delicious, doesn't it? Too bad it only covered a smallish plate. Jessica's two crabcakes were simply that, with a few onion bits sprinkled on. We were so hungry afterwards, we drove through Jack-In-The-Box for some greasy carb sustenance.

BUT our meal also included one of the coolest food discoveries in ages - sparkling wine in a can! Francis Ford Coppola produces the stuff, which is named for his daughter Sofia. It's bubbly, sparkling, and tasty, whether poured into a glass or sipped through the bendy straw (yes, bendy straw) that comes with it. Brilliant.

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