Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Many thanks and hugs to all mothers today, especially to my own Mom who has been so encouraging during my volunteering adventures. I'm a little sad I can't be with her back home today.

Mother's Day reminds me of all the moms my grant-writing helps, who are often struggling to raise their children. It also makes me think about how working in an office full of women who constantly deal with pregnancies has taught me a lot about the *ahem* more graphic parts of motherhood. When this year is done, I'm going to have to remind myself that childbirth and breast feeding are not normally lunchroom topics of conversation.

Mother's Day is also a time to remember the great example of selfless love we have in Mary, the Blessed Mother. Here are some images of her from my church photography binge this weekend.
First, here's the side altar to Mary at the Old Cathedral of St. Louis the King near the riverfront. The scene in the center depicts Mary's coronation as Queen of Heaven, and the

A side altar to Mary at the Cathedral Basilica on Lindell.

Finally, a statue of St. Anne, mother of Mary and my Mom's Confirmation Saint

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