Friday, May 1, 2009

"How far away, Little Rock, ARK." - South Pacific

Thanks to the fact that gas no longer costs $4 a gallon, the VSC has been able to save a lot of our transportation stipends this year. It's tradition for this communal surplus to go toward road trips or other fun activities.

This weekend we're using some of the slush fund to head down to Arkansas, aka "God's Country" or "The Middle of Nowhere" depending on how you view it. On of the California Volunteers' parents operate a fishing resort on two rivers there, and they are letting us use one of their cabins. VSC has a long tradition of Razorback volunteers, but I have never been to Arkansas before.

It should be a good time of VSC bonding. We had visions of lying out in the sun and canoing, but the forecast looks like this weekend will be more like Thunderstorm Fest 2009. (Free admission for kids on Sunday, $1 hot dogs, thrilling monster truck show!) I'm bringing 3 books just in case things get super-soggy and we stay cooped-up.

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