Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I hope all the Fathers out there - both priests and biological- have a wonderful day and know how much they are appreciated.

This is a relief sculpture in St. Francis Xavier College Church depicting St. Joseph, the patron of all fathers. It appears to be just before his death, as his foster son Jesus is pointing upward to Joseph's heavenly destiny.

I'm always touched by St. Joseph's selfless service - caring for Mary and Jesus and then humbly fading into obscurity. We don't even know the details of his death, just that he wasn't around for Jesus' public ministry.
My own Dad is another wonderful example of unselfish protection and caring. He works so hard for us, but doesn't complain or call attention to himself. After a year of working with at-risk families, and hearing so many stories of absent "baby-daddies", I am so grateful that I grew up with two parents who are married to each other and both care deeply for their children.

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