Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My last day as a grant writer

Friday was my last day working at NFNF. It was bittersweet to be sure. The excitement of grad school in Delaware loomed ahead, but every time I turned around someone in the office was saying how much they would miss me. NFNF is like a big family, and they do send-offs very well. Like my first, my final day was full of love, food, and craziness - perfect.

Here's some of what happened:
  • Ate leftover fruit from the board meeting for breakfast
  • Received a gift certificate and "Thank You" balloon from the Nicest Boss in the World
  • Gave Nicest Boss in the World a mini statue of St. Louise de Marillac, Daughter of Charity and Patron of Social Workers. He loved it.
  • Was sent out to collect the office fish fry order from the VFW post across the street, where I was whistled at twice by WWII veterans
  • Returned to the office to find everyone in the office ready to serenade me with my goodbye song, to the tune of "Jingle Bells." Our CEO and a few others said such kind things that I will always appreciate.
  • Received a Visa gift card from the entire office. It will be much appreciated!
  • Ate the salad bar lunch our Party Planning Committee had prepared, plus GF chocolate cake made by one of the nurses.
  • Headed to the Healthy Start consortium meeting, where there were adorable kids and more food.
  • Learned about the Healthy Start client who performed an emergency delivery of her friend's 2lb premature baby. HS staff gave her a certificate, first aid kit, and official HS polo shirt. She was over the moon about all this recognition. "I'm tellin' you, I was scurred, but I just remembered the video Miss Gwen showed me. I was holdin' the baby in my hands and I just stared prayin.' I blew in her face and she started breathing!"
  • Packed up stuff from my desk, including Aloysuis the teddy bear, (William) Blake the tiger, and Judah the Lion.
  • Took pictures with everyone in the office; gave and received lots of hugs.
I'm going to miss this place.

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