Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Health care news from DC

Today I learned via Nurses for Newborns' Twitter feed that our founder, Sharon Rohrbach, was at the White House today for President Obama's press conference about non-profits and innovation. His speech could have desribed Sharon's work with NFNF:
I want to thank all of you here today for everything you're doing to find new solutions to some of our oldest, toughest problems. I know what you do is not easy. I know that for many of you, the hours are long, the pay could be better -- let's face it. But I also know the difference that each of you make. I know the lives that you change every single day. You teach us that there's no such thing as a lost cause if you're willing to be creative, and challenge the conventional wisdom, and take some risks.
In other health care news, 19 Pro-Life Congressional Democrats have told Nancy Pelosi they will not support a health care reform legislation that includes funding for abortion. Way to go!

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