Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And onward we go

I've realized recently that I really dig the presidency. I know way too many trivia facts about it. (Did you know John Quincy Adams liked to skinny-dip in the Potomac?) I've seen the Smithsonian collection of First Ladies' gowns multiple times and bought the commemorative coloring book. (Nancy Reagan's cream evening gown is the only time I've used a white crayon.) And of course, I really enjoy the hoopla of inaugurations. When I was a child, they meant waving flags and eating patriotically colored cupcakes.

Ironically, I almost watched the inauguration of the Gen X, internet utilizing president on old-school technology. Judie in Development brought in an old portable TV set from home so it could enjoy a last hurrah before the DTV transition makes it useless. Online streaming wasn't behaving, so for a while it looked like the entire office would be huddled around her cubicle.

Eventually we did make it to the flat-screen in the conference room, where I made the following random observations. Most of them are about wardrobe, which is always tricky in January's weather. (Remember Hillary's controversial hat in 1993?)
  • Michelle Obama's fashion sense did not disappoint. Love love love the embellished yellow outfit. It was flattering and unique.
  • Aretha Franklin's hat was out of control, and I gotta respect her for that. Singing at an inauguration is once in a lifetime, so you might as well go full-on diva.
  • Awww the Bushes Sr wore matching purple scarves. Clinton was in a cheery yellow. The Carters apparently missed the scarf memo, nor did they feel like hugging Bill and Hillary.
  • Awww the Obama girls are ADORABLE. I'm already cringing for their awkward teen indiscretions.
  • H W Bush's fur hat is also amazing. I would wear one if I were an ex-president.
  • Aren't Yo Yo Ma's fingers cold?
  • Can we remember the words to the oath of office? No? Ok then. I'm not sure if Obama or Roberts is to blame here.
  • We are always "remaking America"? Hmmmm.
  • Please don't make "wrong side of history" a catch phrase. Please.
  • Yes, let's make choices for love and inclusion. Can that involve unborn children too?
  • Not gonna lie, I got goosebumps at the end of the speech.
  • The DC skyline makes me so homesick I can't stand it.
  • The benediction minister seems like a real character. "When the red man/ can get ahead, man"
Now, as I'm back at my desk with tv coverage of state luncheons in the background, I really, really want to watch Duck Soup, the best Presidency-themed movie ever. His excellency's car!!

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