Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Visa to Steelers Nation

When you share a house with someone from Pittsburgh, it is inevitable that the Steelers become a prominent part of your life. Thus, Sunday night involved lots of cheering, Terrible Towel waving, and victory lap running around the church parking lot next door. Pittsburgh's going to the Suuuu-per Bowl!

I suppose this makes me a bandwagon fan. I'd rather call it continuing education in American sports culture. Also, I have a right to be proud of head coach Mike Tomlin since he is a WM alum and was my commencement speaker, after all. He might seem an unlikely Tribe member since our football is not exactly legendary. At yesterday's press conference, though, he proved that The College made its mark on him.

"... I just told that group, 'We've got miles to do before we sleep,' " Tomlin said.
"I'm no Robert Frost," he added sheepishly.

See? Like any true William and Mary person, he footnotes his literature references. Now that's Tribe Pride!

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