Friday, January 30, 2009

"We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon" - The Decemberists

I feel badly about not completely loving Gluten-free Girl's book. She and I really do have a lot in common. Her GF story even got me thinking about my own journey out of wheat-land. Many people with celiac disease waste away under-nourished, but recent theories suggest others continue to gain weight, over-eating to compensate for lack of nutrition. Can I blame my Freshman 15 on that? I did spend many nights in my dorm eating bowls of kashi and peanut butter for no good reason other than that it sounded good.

Also, apparently traumatic events (in her case a car accident) can trigger celiac symptoms. High school stress was certainly the beginning of my trouble with food. And it wasn't until I got diagnosed with my circulatory problems that I took the trouble to investigate my unpredictable stomach-aches.

Like GFG, I was most eager to embrace new, healthy food when I was at my weakest. Suddenly sapped of potassium and B vitamins, I looked at berries and bananas like they were liquid gold.

Recent discovery 1: adding a dash of cinnamon to your berry/banana/OJ smoothie makes it even better.
Recent discovery 2: In a baking crisis, 2Tb water, 1 Tb oil, and 1/2 tsp baking powder can fill in for an egg.
Recent discovery 2: Adding cinnamon and flax meal to the GF pancake mix your Aunt Judy sent you may sound good, but for some reason it makes the batter stick to the pan. Lucky I used that egg substitute, so I had no worries about salmonella in half-cooked hunks of dough.

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