Monday, January 12, 2009

We love free stuff!

I just finished a phone conversation with a woman in New Jersey who saw NFNF founder Sharon Rohrbach on CBS a few months back. This lady has a preemie infant in her family, and was touched by our efforts to help medically fragile babies. And so, she is shipping us several boxes of new and barely worn outgrown preemie clothes!

Every now and then, we volunteers get some great free stuff as well. Kristina brings home piles of extra bread from the shelter where she works. Emma's school sends her grocery gift cards every month. Target gift cards from a generous VSC board member were happy surprises in our Christmas stockings. its encouraging to see that when you are generous with your time and yourself, other people will be generous to you.

A fun recent windfall came with Jessica as she finally returned from Texas. Her luggage was bursting with random stuff from her mom, including tons of Mary Kay products in discontinued packaging! We spent a good hour sorting dozens of little hot pink boxes, smearing lipstick shade testers on the backs of our hands. The deep bronze foundation and dark blushers will go to Covenant House, where Jessica's teen girls should be able to get good use out of them. As for me, I probably won't buy eyeshadow or lipstick for another 2 years, given how seldom I actually apply it. I'll probably finish it off around the same time NFNF opens the last box of prescription-advertising post-it notes and anti-bacterial soap that recently were donated by the truckload.

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