Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They like me! They really like me!

Last night was informed via voicemail that I made "callbacks" for the Notre Dame history PhD program! This literally means that they like my application and so have decided to call me and chat about my graduate study plans. After rounds of calls they pick who actually gets accepted.

So this morning I had a short interview with a professor who specializes in American religious history (yay!) He was very interested in my Modern Catholic Architecture project - he suggested that a liner study of the "built environment" in a single community would make a nice thesis. He also was interested in my time in CW - he's familiar with Handler and Gable's scathing study of it as a "Republican Disneyland."

Overall I think it went well, although it was 8:30am and I was feeling ill so you never know how coherent I sounded. Then again I improved by GRE scores while feeling profoundly feverish, so you never know.

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