Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's loot

When I hear the side doorbell ring, that means it's time to grab my coat and help unload some donations. Here's a look at some of the things we have collected this week.
  • several bags of canned goods and pasta from a local Methodist church's food bank
  • bushels of magnetic chip clip thingies advertising iron supplements
  • four lovely handmade quilts
  • the preemie clothes that New Jersey woman promised to ship
  • blankets made by a Girl Scout troop
  • twenty Build-a-Bear animals made by another Girl Scout troop, ranging from pandas to rabbits to a hot pink monkey (Build-A-Bear started in STL and I got to hear founder Maxine Clark speak at a seminar for non-profits)
  • a huge stuffed horse large enough for a toddler to ride. It is currently seated at Ebony's desk, wearing a tiara and shirt and holding an American flag. (That's what happens when you aren't at work and Dorene gets bored in the afternoon.)

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