Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comfort Food

I've had a sore throat for days. This means I took two "snow days" this week, despite the office being open. Today I finally relented and sought medical care, which is always tricky given my complicated insurance situation. Luckily Walgreen's Take Care clinic turned out to be efficient and reasonably priced. (How does that work? What public health organization funds this? How is it decidedly not sketchy?) Unluckily, I do not have strep throat, so I just get to ride out this virus. Woohoo.

On the way home I stopped by WholePaycheck and treated myself to some luscious key lime pie ice cream. It's like a miracle. It has a creamy texture and hunks of graham crust. Yet, it is both gluten AND dairy free! Turtle Mountain deserves a Nobel Prize for creating a frozen dessert that does not taste like salty dough. (I'm looking at you, Rice Dream.)

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